$25 PayPal Contest at Profitale!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sponsor : Profitale
Contest URL :$25 PayPal Contest at Profitale!

Deadline : 11 September, 2008
Announcement of Winner : 21 September, 2008
Payout : via Paypal


1) Commenting!

Notes: As a begining you can simply post a comment on the contest page, or in any thread at the site since today. If you did it in another thread however, you have to inform me here again.

Reward: A comment brings you one entry in the contest.

2) Subscribing via email!

Note: Simply subscribe to Profitale by visiting the link or the form in the top right corner. Comment in this thread including your email so I can check.

Don’t include the WHOLE email, because the spam bots can access it, include only the begining. For example if your email is nathalie@profitale.com, include only ‘nathalie’.

Reward: Subscription brins you one additional entry in the contest.

3) Posting about this contest!

Note: Post about this contenst in your blog, explain with a few words that there is contenst here and what has to be done to participate. This is a double-edged knife, you can 2 more entries, but eventually more people will join the contest which means bigger competition. You have to tell me if you have done this.


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